Want to start making money working from home or anywhere you choose? Ready to set your own schedule and work on your terms?

Find out how to get started as a freelance proofreader and how to find clients.

What you'll learn...

All about the proofreading process

How to market yourself

Professional tools & resources

How to collaborate with clients, editors & writers

Project management & productivity skills

Industry terms & proofreading glossary

The differences between US & UK English

How to set your rates and invoice clients

Job search and resume tips

Bonus Material

A list of job sites & companies

Practice test using a house style sheet

A mini style guide

Who this book is for...

People looking to start a side hustle with almost zero start-up costs

Anyone who is curious about working as a freelancer

Anyone striving to work remotely or start a freelancing business

Anyone looking for a flexible job that allows you to focus on other areas of life

Entrepreneurs who want to add on to their skill set & offer more services

Adventurers seeking ways to earn a living as digital nomads

Here's What Some People Have To Say About The Ebook

Marc B., Schoolteacher

“Phon shares a lot of knowledge, and I learned a lot of things like what to include in a contract. You won't find this kind of information anywhere else. I highly recommend this ebook!”

Sophia Z., Freelance Writer

“I took Phon’s advice and reached out to my network and got my first proofreading gig in a few days. Get this book. It’s great value for what you learn.”