For the passionate reader who would love to make money working with books and content.

Imagine proofreading and copyediting even if you don't have a degree. Are you ready to...

  • Do something with your love of words? Imagine getting paid to read and fix errors in books and other kinds of content.

  • Work in publishing? Imagine working with authors and editors, and having an integral role in creating a great book.

  • Work while you travel? Imagine having a job that allows you to work from anywhere in the world, or gives you the flexibility to set your own schedule.

  • Make extra money? Imagine starting a side hustle as a freelance proofreader and copyeditor that fits perfectly into your schedule and brings you extra income.

  • Start freelancing? Imagine having the flexibility to set your own hours so you can focus on your family or hobbies.

Have you always dreamed of fixing errors in books but feel stuck because you’re overwhelmed by all the language rules and don’t know how to start?

Hi, I'm Phon! I created this unique course after working in the industry for 16+ years. In that time, I’ve proofread and copyedited over 1,600 books, as well as content including magazines, corporate copy, websites, and much more. I want you to learn proofreading and copyediting skills so you can work on all kinds of content, including fiction and nonfiction books. You don't have to enrol in multiple courses and spend extra money to learn the skills you need — you can learn it all in one course, from an industry professional. You'll learn to work EXACTLY like my cohorts and I do. Have more questions? Scroll down to read our FAQs!

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