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My mission is to help you gain the editorial and marketing skills you need to work from home, make extra money, or start your own editorial business. Art of Proofreading is dedicated to helping you learn proofreading and copyediting skills so you can turn your dream of working with words into reality.  It’s the place to get valuable lessons, expert advice, and an insider’s knowledge into the world of editing and publishing.  As a professional editor with 16+ years of experience proofreading and editing a variety of content, I know what it takes to start and maintain a rewarding business. Whether you want to work on articles, reports, or The Next Great Novel, I can’t wait to help you get started!  You’ll discover how to freelance, work in-house, or side hustle — and it doesn’t matter if you have a degree or not. You’ll learn current skills with a real-world approach to content that reflects what clients expect.

Learn more so you can be more.

Over the years, I’ve discovered interesting things about working with content and its impact on the reader, client, and customer. I’ve seen how the rise of content creation has increased the need for well-trained proofreaders who are also skilled at copyediting, and preserving a writer’s voice while also polishing it. As a result, I developed my course, High-Level Proofreading Pro. You can learn to proofread and copyedit in one course without having to spend a lot of time and money by taking separate courses. If you have any questions, just drop me a note at: hello@artofproofreading.com. I read every email!