So what exactly is High-Level Proofreading?

I’ve been an editor for over 16 years, and have worked in all kinds of industries including publishing, marketing, design, and government. I’ve also edited over 1600 fiction and nonfiction books. Some have even been award-winning and New York Times bestselling novels. During my experience, I’ve seen clients’ expectations change. Now they’re demanding proofreaders know proofreading and light copyediting skills. High-level proofreading is when proofreading skills are paired with light copyediting skills. It allows proofreaders to work on a deeper level with content, and provides more job opportunities. Some of the tasks involved are:

  • Correcting the final draft of copy for errors in spelling, grammar, punctuation, formatting, and word usage

  • Keeping an eye out for consistency and formatting errors

  • Preserving the writer's voice or maintaining a brand's style by using editorial tools and best practices

  • Flagging issues that could be problematic

Proofreading + light copyediting = high-level proofreading

I developed high-level proofreading after 16 years of professional experience

Over the years, I’ve discovered interesting things about working with content and its impact on the reader, client, and customer. I’ve seen how the rise of content creation has increased the need for well-trained proofreaders who are also skilled at copyediting, and preserving a writer’s voice while also polishing it. As a result, I developed high-level proofreading to reflect the current market demand for proofreaders who can do more than fix misspellings. I'm passionate about working with words, and if you have any questions, just drop me a note at: I read every email!