Read below for testimonials from our graduates

Callie Walker

“I definitely felt prepared after taking High-Level Proofreading Pro. It gave me the initial guidance, confidence, and know-how to get started. I especially loved the section on the different platforms and how to proofread using each of them. I often go back for a refresher if I haven’t used a certain platform in a while or ever.”

Christine Wheary

"High-Level Proofreading Pro has invaluable training and resources in it. I still refer to the resources I received when I purchased the course. The lifelong access is a huge bonus.”

Margaret Fierstine

"If you’re considering it, I would say take the High-Level Proofreading Pro course. It is the real deal. It lays everything out there, even giving tips on the business side of things. Once you finish the course, you will have all the information you need to make a fully informed decision. If your decision is to enter the field, you will absolutely be prepared. The investment of time and money is well worth it. Take action! That way you won’t be left wondering what might have been. The 'what ifs' and 'if-onlys' in life can haunt us, so sometimes the best way to have peace is to take that leap."

Briana Morgan

"I definitely thought High-Level Proofreading Pro was worth the investment, and compared to other programs, your course provided more practical tips for getting and keeping clients and working as an editor. I highly recommend the course to anyone who is on the fence about an editing career or is unsure where to start."

Christopher D.

"I definitely recommend taking the Art of Proofreading online course, High-Level Proofreading Pro. The topics covered are concise and exactly what is necessary to enter the editing field, and knowing that Phon is there to provide support to students, even after completion, really makes one feel that they are not alone in this. . . . The fact that it covered UK as well as US English has proved to be extremely helpful since at least half of my clients are from the UK."

Megan McLaughlin

"I absolutely recommend High-Level Proofreading Pro! Proofreading and copyediting is a completely possible avenue for you. If you love language and enjoy the process of proofreading, Phon has made the course easy to understand, clear, and practical. I feel fully prepared to work with books, blog posts, newsletters, and anything else that comes my way."

Andrea Jasmin

"High-Level Proofreading Pro prepared me for this role in countless ways. Due to my education in the course, I was able to offer professional editorial support, my professional opinion, and publishing knowledge. High-Level Proofreading Pro not only taught me the nuts and bolts of editing, but covered the industry norms and allowed me to walk away from the course as an editorial professional. I am now able to offer all that I learned as a service to my clients."

Erin Kelley

“Take Phon’s course! It will really help you understand some of the things you need to be a businessperson, not just someone who loves to proofread… Phon lists several places that use proofreaders and copyeditors regularly. One of these places is a ghost-writing company that publishes business non-fiction. When I finished my course, I went to their website and they had a job opening for a manuscript proofreader. I applied, took their proofreading test, and was hired as one of their proofreaders, the last set of eyes on a manuscript before it goes to print. This has been a great job and I highly recommend using Phon’s resources. She takes some of the scary “where do I start?” out of starting your freelance proofreading career!”

Bori Hoffbauer

"In my opinion, High-Level Proofreading Pro covers all the important aspects and skills a proofreader and copy editor needs, in a clear and concise manner. Most importantly, it provides the guidelines on how to start a business on our own, which are simply invaluable. But what made it truly special for me is your personal involvement, Phon, in the progress of your students, all the encouragement I have received from you, and that you have been there at every step of the way."

Sarah Schultz

“Not only did I finish Phon’s course with a ton of knowledge, but also skills to build my clientele without any previous professional experience. I found my first client very quickly using the extensive tips in the course for marketing myself and finding new clients.”

Darah Wheeler

"Thank you for creating this course and providing so many valuable resources related to proofreading and copyediting! In addition, thank you for making yourself available to answer questions and give one-on-one feedback. I wish you could have taught some of my college professors how to be more effective teachers!"

Dwanda Ashford

"I'm pleased that I made the investment in the course. There is a wealth of resources and techniques that I could have not found on my own. Thank you for offering this course and taking the time to deliver it in a professional and courteous manner."

Margot C.

"Your course has been very enjoyable, and at the same time, very educational. I'm extremely impressed with it. I spent a lot of money for another proofreading course, but yours is far superior."

Deborah Cobb

"Thank you so much for developing this program. It has truly been instrumental in rekindling my love for the written word, and for furthering my knowledge and skill set in the world of proofreading and copyediting. All of the modules and lessons were clear, concise, and structured in a manner that made it easy for me to learn (and I've never been good at online courses, so that's saying a lot). I look forward to continuing to learn and grow in my editing knowledge, and I'm very excited to see where all of this takes me!"

“I am so glad I found your site and this proofreading course. It has opened up a whole new perspective of what's doable for me. For many years I have gladly performed proofreading countless times for friends and colleagues for free. Never did I consider making it a profession until now. Thank you for the inspiration and the knowledge you have offered throughout this course.”

— Tonia Williams —

“This course was terrific because the content wasn't presented in a way that was too excessive. All of the information was broken down and explained in a manner not overwhelming to the reader. This made for a better learning experience! It also provided exposure to many great marketing platforms, as well as techniques. I feel more confident in creating a website and reaching out to clients than I would have otherwise!”

— Matthew Miller —

"I really enjoyed the course! The content felt thorough, the length of lessons was perfect, and everything was easy to follow and understand. I even printed out a few of the sections for quick reference in the future."

— Lynn Foster —

“As a visual learner, I found the tutorial videos incredibly helpful. The quizzes were also helpful as a way of putting what was being learned into action. I also very much appreciate the ability to print out the materials and keep for future reference.”

— Ryan Scott —

“Thank you so much for offering this course. I've always struggled with finding what my passion is, but this course helped to emphasize that what I should be doing is working with words.”

— Kelsey Carlstrom —